Melanin is a natural skin pigment and is what makes your hair and skin appear darker. Brown skin
ranges from dark brown to light brown. Whatever shade of brown you are, your melanin is present in your skin
and is a blessing from the most high. Research has found that melanin may help protect the skin from UV rays
and block processes in the body that lead to skin cancer.
Our melanated skin is designed to weather the storm. But if you are like me, you make an effort to keep
your skin fully polished and in mint condition. That’s why I created melanin butter. A mixture of shea butter and
other oils that can nourish your skin and enhance your natural complexion.
The main component of my melanin butter is shea butter. Shea butter is a fat taken out from the nut of the African shea tree.

Shea butter contains:

  • Linoleic, palmitic, stearic, and oleic fatty acids, ingredients that balance oils on your skin.
  • Vitamins A, E, and F, antioxidant vitamins that promote circulation and healthy skin cell growth.
  • Triglycerides, the fatty part of the shea nut that nourishes and conditions your skin.
  • Cetyl esters, the waxy part of the shea nut butter that conditions skin and locks in moisture.

Shea butter is excellent for conditioning your skin because of its high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids. Below is a list of the many benefits and uses of shea butter.

• Shea butter is a tree nut product. But shea butter is very low in the proteins that trigger allergies.
• Shea butter doesn’t contain chemical irritants known to dry out skin, and it doesn’t clog pores.
• There’s no medical literature documenting an allergy to shea butter used on the skin.

• When you apply shea butter on your skin, the oils are quickly absorbed into your skin. The oils replenish lipids to the skin and quickly creating moisture.
• A barrier between your skin and the outside environment is re-established. The barrier holds moisture in and reduces dryness.

• Shea butter contains linoleic acid and oleic acid. These two acids balance each other out, making it easy for your skin to fully absorb and not appear oily aſter applied.

• If you have eczema like me, using shea butter can be super helpful because it has anti-inflammatory properties.
• Applying shea butter to your skin, slows the production of cytokines and other inflammatory cells. This can help decrease skin irritation and inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.
• Shea butters anti-inflammatory properties may also help soothe sun burns, skin burns, insect bites, muscle soreness and many other inflammatory conditions.

Shea butter has vitamins E and A. These vitamins are antioxidants. Topical Antioxidants protect your skin from free radicals and are anti-aging agents.

Shea butter kills spores of the fungi that causes ringworm and athlete’s foot.

• Shea butters moisturizing and antioxidant properties helps your skin generate fresh new cells. A healthy skin moisture balance, reduces dead skin cells and promotes cell regeneration.
• Cell regeneration may also help your skin heal and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scarring, fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s not recommended to use shea butter alone as an effective sunscreen. Shea butter only contains an SPF of about 3 to 4. That being said, it’s comforting to know that shea butter does give your skin an added layer of protection.

Applying shea butter to your scalp and hair can restore moisture to your dry hair and dry irritated scalp.

How To Use Melanin Butter

Scented Melanin Butter

(Use on your body, not on your face)

Use your fingers to scoop a half a teaspoon or so of melanin butter from your jar, and rub it onto your skin on your body until it is absorbed. Use as needed.

Unscented Melanin Butter

(Can be used on body & face)

Use your fingers to scoop a half a teaspoon or so of melanin butter from your jar, and rub it onto your skin until it is absorbed. Use as needed.


Melanin butter should be stored slightly below room temperature so that it stays solid and easy to spread.

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