“Your skin is poetic.”

“Throughout my life I struggled with eczema, acne and dry skin. As a child I had eczema flare ups and would often go to the dermatologist. I’m pretty sure that I have used every eczema prescription available. Struggling with acne didn’t make my skin situation any better. And my dry skin just went along with the territory of having eczema.  As you can imagine, my skin issues were a constant battle for me.

When I went away to college, I was determined to resolve my skin issues. I started doing a lot of research on natural remedies for skin care. After I graduated, I worked as a medical assistant for a well-known celebrity dermatologist. While I worked there, I saw every skin condition you could imagine. And it was clear to me that everybody’s skin is different and should not be cared for the same, especially melanated skin.

Most people of African descent are raised to take care of our skin a certain way. We learn from a young age to keep our skin moisturized and polished. But at your everyday stores, finding quality products that do the job can be frustrating… It’s like you always have to use a combination of products to moisturize and polish your skin… And that has never been cost effective or practical to me.

That’s why I decided to start making my own products. I used combination of African & African American culture skin care solutions, along with my research, to create Poetic Skin care products. My mission for Poetic Skin is to create nourishing skin care products for melanated skin. I formulated Poetic Skin care products with quality African ingredients so that my customers can have a go to trusted skin care brand that will nourish their skin and never compromise their skin care standards.

Currently, you can purchase all Poetic Skin care products via my website. I offer a variety of skin care products, from body butters to body washes to CBD skin care products. And there’s so much more to come!… So, check back in periodically to see what’s new at Poetic.

Peace, blessings, thank you & enjoy!”

ceo & FOUNDER ~

Kelli B.

“I live by principles past down from my ancestors ~ treat people good, always listen, stay humble, resilient, motivated, never hesitate to speak your truth & protect your life at all costs.”

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