Tradition of Quality

Poetic Skin provides nourishing skin care products. Formulated with high quality ingredients that nourish our skin and keeps our melanated skin fully polished & in mint condition. These creamy melanin butters will leave your skin smooth, soft, nourished, moisturized, replenished and polished. Try one of the ten scented exotic melanin butters or the unscented melanin butter named “BANTU”.

Enhanced Skincare System

Poetic Skin provides premium quality CBD skincare products. Reinvent your daily skincare routine by incorporating CBD skincare products. Combat free radicals, promote a youthful appearance, and improve your overall skin tone.

Achieve Ultimate Tranquility

Poetic Skin provides premium quality CBD products. CBD Bath Bombs are a perfect way to relax and pamper yourself. Unwind with our enhanced Bath Bomb infused with a soothing blend of natural essential oils combined with the calming effect of CBD. Drop a CBD bath bomb in your bath, it will help you to de-stress, relieve tension, enhance your mood and get a better night's sleep.

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